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Postdoctoral Positions

We are looking for talented postdoctoral researchers to deepen their expertise and interest in machine learning for medical image analysis.

The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in the analysis of microscopy or medical data, knowledge of pathology, and significant programming experience pertinent to the analysis of large and diverse datasets.

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Application Requirements

If you are interested to join us, please send us your application with CV, publication list, research statement and a cover letter via e-mail.


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Graduate Training (Dr, PhD, MSc, BSc)

We welcome applications of talented PhD candidates for various topics in computational pathology and medical image data analysis.

We are affiliated with TUM's graduate programs, as e.g.

The ideal candidates have a solid technical education in computer science, bioinformatics, biostatistics, mathematics or related fields, and a vivid interest in the interdisciplinary work between computer science and medicine.

As a new lab, we offer flexible work-conditions, the opportunity to shape our lab culture, modern equipment and a working place in the middle of Munich.

Current Openings

Besides your initiative application, we are currently offering following positions:

Application Requirements

Prospective graduate students may apply directly to any graduate program and mention Prof. Schueffler in their application. Candidates should also feel free to get in contact with Prof. Schueffler before submitting their application to discuss the various programs, the research environment, and the laboratory’s research.

Students who are already enrolled in a graduate program and wish to explore the possibility of rotating in the lab should send a CV and a brief statement of interest to Prof. Schueffler.


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